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You can pick 'n' mix

Whatever B2B Marketing services you need, we can help. Choose from one or more of our services and we’ll create a bespoke approach to achieve your objectives, budget and time scales.

Not sure what you need? Talk it through with us at no cost, with no commitment.



Having a clear, focused Marketing Strategy that articulates your Marketing goals and enables you to plan effectively is essential to success. It also provides your team with a clear, agreement 'direction of travel.' Our marketing strategies include:



‘Attention is the new currency’ and it takes insight-based, creative campaigns to cut through the clutter and get results. From single channel to omni-channel, our campaign management includes:


Social Media

Having a credible social media presence is vital. As well as supporting brand awareness it’s a key engagement tool - and can directly deliver leads.  However, developing the right strategy and ongoing content planning can be time consuming. Our social media management will:

  • A clearly understood marketing roadmapand priority plan of action that can be shared and followed.
  • A market map of you and your competitors, identifying any marketing opportunities and threats.
  • An analysis of you customers pain points, decision making process and influencers to define or refine brand positioning and messaging.
  • A “Marketing Funnel” lead nurturingapproach ie the process of taking your customers from awareness to interest, to making a decision and engaging.
  • The right mix of tactics(content marketing, social media, events, PR, email campaigns etc) to achieve the goals you seek.
  • Processes and results tracking to measure success.
  • Targeted tailored and personalised campaigns by channel, messaging, timing and objective.
  • Digital and offline including direct email, mail, content marketing, advertising, PPC, Adwords, SEO, social media and events.
  • Lead generation, sales, website traffic, retention and brand awareness.
  • Planning, copy, design, production and implementation.
  • Insights as well as results through tracking and reporting.
  • Ensure you are focusing your efforts on the best channel(s) for your customers, whether Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.
  • Develop, communicate and target the content that best supports your positioning and campaigns – paid and organic.
  • Increases engagement and interaction (followers, influencers, comments, shares, likes) and website traffic.
  • Post on behalf of senior “figure head” Executives, raising their profile.
  • Integrate with and strengthen your wider Marketing activities.
  • Reports on progress and ongoing insights.


Websites are now more than the ‘shop front’ of your business, and need to work hard to impress customers, prospects and other stakeholders. It should be easy to find, differentiate you from your competitors and deliver an exemplary user experience. Our website services include:



A stunning brand identity will create marked differentiation between you and your competition, enabling you to charge a premium for your products and services. A refreshed brand will re-energise your proposition and strengthen the launch of a new product or service. Our brand experts have 25 years’ experience in:



It is surprising how many business decisions are based on gut feel, as opposed to gut feel and evidence. Our market research and data analysis will validate your thinking, deliver new ideas and identify threats and improve the way you communicate with existing and potential customers. We can provide evidence for strategic and tactical decisions, including:

  • Website creative and information architectural design and build.
  • User Experience (UX) and content design including persona creation and user journey mapping.
  • Messaging and copy hierarchy planning, mapping and production.
  • SEO, keyword and PPC strategies and implementation.
  • Website audit and optimisation recommendations.
  • Creating and project managing an integrated digital marketing plan.
  • Brand creation: from naming, logos, colourways and imagery to your whole brand experience
  • Brand architecture: auditing your current brand assets and establishing a clear logical structure as to how they all should fit together
  • Brand values: creating clear brand statements that define who you are and what you do, words to live and die by
  • Brand implementation: executing your brand across any channel in any medium
  • Brand guidelines: your bible to your brand, the do’s and the don’ts, makes life a lot easier and more consistent
  • Scan the horizon to provide insights into what trends are emerging, and how you should react.
  • Assess strengths and weaknesses of competitors, especially new, nimble entrants, to provide a reference point to compete more effectively.
  • Customer research and data analysis to enable intelligent segmentation and generate insights for improved communications and services.
  • A data audit to enable you to understand the specific strengths and weakness of your current data set.
  • A data strategy with guidance on how to continue enriching and maintaining the data.

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Executive Director of Stakeholder Engagement, CIEH