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Urban & Civic -
Centralised database + CRM + Email Marketing Platform

The Challenge

Urban and Civic held data about residents and stakeholders in several spreadsheets, paper files and site-specific platforms. Their central marketing team were not able to make data-driven decisions or implement targeted campaigns.
The storage of data and GDPR compliance were also unclear and this is something that needed to be rectified as part of a group-wide GDPR project.
They needed clarity on the current data situation across all 6 sites, recommendations on a CRM and email marketing platform and training for staff on how to manage data.

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How we did it

“Thanks to the team at Agile Rose we have gone from a situation where we didn’t even know how many contact records we had, to an easy-to-use CRM, confidence that our data is clean, accurate and GDPR compliant, and a partner to help keep us on the right track.

Agile Rose are helping us to identify new opportunities to better communicate with our residents and simplify internal processes through the automations available in Hubspot.”

Keith Bendall, Head of Marketing Urban and Civic