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Results Direct -
Gaining a foothold in the UK membership market with an improved, more cohesive brand

Results Direct are a US-based digital agency that helps organizations to elevate their digital experiences through digital strategy, web design, content management, mobile apps and systems integrations.

Their RD Mobile brand creates industry-leading event and engagement apps for the membership and NFP sectors that improve event experiences, engage members and generate revenue.

The Challenge

“We can see opportunities in the UK membership and NFP sector for our mobile apps and we want to take advantage."
"We want to position our RD Mobile brand as THE mobile app partner for UK member organisations."
"We want a stronger brand that works in both the US and the US to help us leverage these opportunities.”

From here

Results direct website - before

To here

Results direct website - after

Hear from Russell

“We’ve been working in the UK for over a year now, but Agile Rose almost immediately helped us to recognise how much we didn’t know.

We’re very pleased with their engagement in helping us to better present ourselves and our products to the market. I’ve found the whole team easy to work with and very flexible.”

Russell Magnuson, CEO of RD Mobile