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EcoMoney -
design work + messaging + marketing launch plan

EcoMoney is a collection of inspired individuals who envision a stable financial and monetary system rooted in nature, where financial assets are backed by real wealth, and everybody’s basic needs are being met.

The Challenge

They needed a unique brand identity and related sample website homepage and Social Media icons
They also needed messaging at various levels of depth and Marketing Launch Plan

We Delivered

A brand identity that conveys the dynamic evolution of natural growth and its power as it strengthens, as nature becomes more dominant in financial and monetary systems. The colour palette reflects the blend of natural green and darker tones for the earth.

Sample website homepage - 'the brand in action'

Social Media background design

Social Media icon

Marketing Launch Plan

• Foundation – messaging tool-kit, planning including content plan

• Initial Engagement – stakeholder outreach including PR

• Launch – launch event, media interviews and outbound Marketing

• Roll out – ongoing outreach via Social Media, PR, events and more

• Metrics – to measure success

Ben ran a great Discovery Workshop with our virtual worldwide team and this really helped us all focus on what we needed to do to prepare EcoMoney for a successful launch.

”His ability to orchestrate strategy, concise messaging to help shape the EcoMoney communications, design skills to create the EcoMoney brand and guide us on launch planning has been invaluable.

I also appreciated his feedback to the forthcoming EcoMoney book

The EcoMoney Initiative