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Customer insights and data

As marketing channels and content continue to multiply, it becomes increasingly hard to monitor customers, to get to their ‘moments of truth’ ie why they do what they do - and then act upon that knowledge.

Equally, the ability to use this data to improve service, reduce customer attrition, increase sales and engagement, generate new product development ideas and create competitive advantage becomes increasingly important.

We frequently meet organisations that struggle with the volume, range and depth of data they capture – also known as ‘big data’ - and how to use it.

Examples of challenges we’ve addressed for others

  • Struggling with a clear, single view of customers and so can’t refine messaging and targeting for better engagement
  • Data is spread across multiple systems leading to expensive administration and weak customer service
  • There is no data strategy leading to inconsistent data entry, weak communications and poor reporting
  • Not knowing exactly why and when customers buy
  • Not effectively using their CRM system
  • Not knowing what technology to implement to capture, store, retrieve and/or analyse data

Let us review your data and we will deliver a strategy that will give you:

  • Clear, single customer views
  • A constructive data strategy with guidance on how to continue enriching the data
  • Deep understanding of each customer segment’s reasons for choosing their organisation
  • Advice on using the data and systems to deepen and strengthen their relationship with the customer
  • Recommendations on the best data management platform for your organisation (if you don’t have one)
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