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Tech Companies

How we can help you

From preparing investment proposals to strengthening market position, we are experts at supporting Tech businesses with all their marketing needs.

We’ll deliver focused marketing solutions to help you improve your market position, leading to greater customer retention and growth. This includes:-

  • Ensuring your website and digital presence generate new leads and increases customer engagement
  • Interpreting your business objectives into an effective marketing plan that delivers within your resources and budget
  • Creating a data strategy to give you a better understanding of your current customer base, improve service and identify new opportunities
  • Understanding which social media channels you should or shouldn’t use for engaging with your target industry and raising your profile in it
  • Helping you identify ways to increase your market penetration

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Tech start-ups - Seed Round - recent support

We have worked with several Tech start-ups on key parts of their launch plans including:-

  • Market map and where to focus amidst competitors – finding the strategic ‘sweet spot’ so you know where to focus your resources
  • Relevant market trends and insights (via weekly email) – saving you research time and ensuring you are aware of new opportunities and threats
  • Messaging tool-kit – articulating your key selling point for different communication channels, including digital, social media and an Elevator Pitch
  • Website copy and guidance on thought leadership, SEO and PPC
  • Feedback questionnaire and process to capture – so you stay aware of emerging issues

What our clients say


“Agile Rose helped us sharpen the focus on where to position ourselves in the context of our competitors, as a new entrant to the market, and also to debate which customer segments to prioritise, and why. 

We enjoyed their workshop style and independent perspective, and found that this gave us fresh insights into what we are planning to do.”

Tom Bridges, Managing Director, CaptionHub

(CaptionHub is a cloud platform that delivers perfect subtitles, faster, to multinational organisations –



“We had a clear idea of our identity, but were struggling to articulate this in a concise way that would not only differentiate us from competitors, but also accurately describe us and be immediately appealing to prospect customers.  

Agile Rose Marketing worked with us to identify and prioritise our key word descriptors and contextualize this within our intended lead and customer experience processes. They made recommendations on how we could be memorable for our customers and optimize our market position.
We liked Agile Rose’s pragmatic approach and are pleased with the final messaging (from elevator pitch to web copy) as it delivers a clear and appealing idea of who we are.”
Tim Burton, Managing Director, Magenta

(Magenta provides a unique combination of technical, business and industry knowledge that is channelled into a complete service for system integration for the broadcast industry –



“We needed access to senior level marketing skills that we could scale up or down, depending on our quickly evolving requirements. 
Agile Rose Marketing gave us this, helping us on everything from marketing planning, scanning the industry horizon for ideas and trends, right through to website and brochure development. 
They fitted right in as an extension of our team, but without the cost of additional headcount. And we all enjoyed working with them.”
David Peto, Founder and CEO, A-Frame 
(A-Frame is the cloud platform for video collaboration, where everyone can instantly view, access and work with high resolution video

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