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Aika Peto, MCIM


I have worked in B2B marketing and communications for 20 years, delivering solutions for a wide variety of sectors including; SaaS tech and tech start ups, membership, event management, hospitality, contract publishing and emerging market investments.  

I am passionate about data.  I understand its different values; how best to use it to gain insights from past and current activities, and guide future marketing, to improve current customer engagement and win new business.

However, I understand getting that vital organisational wide buy-in for new marketing initiatives can be complicated, and data insight alone is often not enough to overcome the challenges.

To ensure marketing success and maximum value, I believe it’s vital to combine marketing expertise with delivering and advising on strong, agile project management, that navigates the strengths and weaknesses of your organisation.

Prior to co-founding Agile Rose Marketing, my last role was the Head of Marketing and Communications at the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH). This in-house experience means I’m extremely familiar with the potential obstacles, both internal and external, to creating and keeping marketing project momentum, from Board to operational level.

I use this experience to build robust strategies which help our clients avoid and overcome similar issues and confidently reach and exceed their marketing and business objectives.

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